Original Video Series

The 'Netflix' for businesses.

Change the way you think about marketing and start marketing like a media company! Get people to spend more time with your brand through valuable, episodic, original video series'.

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Video Channels

Recently launched video channels from brands we've helped.
Valuable Catalogue
Invest in video content
that will remain
relevant for months,
increasing in more
value, over time.
Marketing Redefined

Don't be the ad, be the show.

Streaming platforms have influenced the way we consume content. Audiences want less ads and more entertainment. Businesses can learn from this and introduce the same solutions in their marketing strategies.

Stop relying on ads that get skipped. Be the show audiences want to watch.

Endless Content

Expand brand impact and influence.

Attract your target audience with valuable information on topics and conversations your brand can own, solving the constant challenge of choosing what to post. Share knowledge and insights in an entertaining way that drives engagement, shares and views. Short, snackable clips from your video series can match the value viewers are searching for on social media channels - far more effective than serving up generic posts.

Own your Audience

Gain brand advocates.

Brand and audience go hand in hand. Grow your audience of subscribers by collecting emails in a passive way and feed them information that they will go out of their way to consume.

Own your audience and have a direct communication line, not relying solely on third parties to establish connections, and nurture relationships such as social media channels.

Business Benefits

A valuable asset for your brand and audience.

Get people to fall in love with your brand.

People share value information with others.

Grow a community that wants to hear from you.

Gather your own subscribers.

Capture and segment user data.

A continuous stream of content marketing.

Increase audience retention.

Discover who is watching your videos.

Market like a media company.

Valuable Content
Create binge-worthy*
video content, that
not only brings value
to the brand, but to
its viewers.

* Binge-worthy
Engaging enough for a viewer to watch multiple episodes in succession.

Choose a Series

Find what series type will best suit your needs.
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Episode Sets
5 Episodes or10 Episodes
5 Episodes or10 Episodes
5 Episodes or10 Episodes
Up to10 mins per episode
Up to 10 mins per episode
Up to 5 mins per episode
Remote Creative Workshop
Remote Creative Workshop
Remote Creative Workshop
x1 Voice Narrator
x1 Voice Narrator
x1 Voice Narrator
x1 Voice Narrator
Remote Filming
On Location
Cape Town (50km)
Animated Transitions
Animated Transitions
Completely Animated
Marketing Assets
Platform Tailored Media Set
Platform Tailored Media Set
Platform Tailored Media Set
Paid Campaign
Quarterly Campaign
Quarterly Campaign
Quarterly Campaign
Distribution Period
6 Months or 1 Year
6 Months or 1 Year
6 Months or 1 Year
Gear Options
O.Kit Mobile or
O.Kit Pro
(not included)

Redefine marketing.

Our mission is to share valuable information with you to market your business better.

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