Why emotional content connects with your audience much faster

There is a reason why we sing our favorite song at the top of our lungs while stuck in traffic, there is also a reason why that specific song is our favorite - because we can relate to it. We can listen to that same song months, even years later and forget the reasons why it was our favorite, but we never forget the feeling it gave us. 

The same goes for your memories, places you’ve visited and things that have happened. You probably don’t remember what exactly happened on that day, at that place, or what was said - but you remember how you felt. 

That's because emotions stick with us. The same goes for brands, people talk about and remember brands that made them feel something. The most successful marketing out their pulls on our heart strings, makes us laugh or even makes us resonate emotionally. 



You should know who your ideal target market is pretty well by now. The goal is to speak to your audience as if they were just one person, because at the end of the day they are the ones sitting behind their laptop watching your video on Facebook. “Appeal to many, but speak to one – your buyer persona.”

They need to feel engaged personally. Everyone likes to feel unique, we like to feel like our thoughts, ideas and even our emotions are individual. So in order to market anything, and market well, you need to relate to your audience personally. They want to feel like you have singled them out in a room and said “hey you, yeah you, the one in the corner! We get you … we understand, and we are here to help you. Check this out!” 


If we watch your video and we end up cracking up unexpectedly - you’ve done a great job. Humor works well if you are trying to get your brand on the map and build up your social following. We all love to laugh and we all love making each other laugh. If your video can make your audience laugh, there is a good chance they will want to share it with their friends. 

Another great emotional stand point to come from when creating a marketing video is compassion. You want to relate to your consumers by bringing up issues that they experience and offering your product or service as a solution. If they feel like you care about them and you genuinely would like to help them, they will immediately show interest in what you are selling. 

We all resonate with emotions, even the negative ones. When you trigger empathy within your audience they will remember you. Targeting the empathetic side of your audience is a tactic used in native video marketing. These are usually stories about hardship, stories about empowerment, stories which might make your audience shed a tear and say ‘that was beautiful’ before noticing your logo right at the end. 

At the end of the day, we have all experienced many different types of emotions and we all know how it feels. So if you are creating a marketing video with the intent to target your audiences emotions you already have an advantage because you have gained a sense of familiarity just by resonating with them on an emotional level. And we all know it is a lot easier to make a purchasing decision when there is an existing sense of trust. 

Jason van Niekerk

RGB and Alpha, 48 Pine Road, Cape Town, WC, 7925