Why video is the most effective form of storytelling

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Before I was using my laptop to stream the latest episode of New Girl on Netflix because that is the only way I get to sleep at night, my dad would read to me. 

Bedtime stories were always used as a tactic to get me to fall asleep as quickly as possible so that my parents could watch their weekly dose of The Graham Norton show without any interruptions. The only reason bedtime stories were so effective was due to the fact that I could close my eyes, listen their voice and imagine an entire visual world until I was so far within it that I would drift off to sleep. 

As we grow older, we still want to be told stories. We still want to be taken away to distant lands, we want to live vicariously through our favorite characters. But unfortunately we can’t just close our eyes at any given time and create this magical world. “No Jeremy, that would be weird, your boss already thinks you’re a little strange.”

So we read articles, we listen to podcasts and we watch a couple of cat videos here and there. But there is a reason why Youtube is the second biggest search engine below Google. Because video is the most effective form of storytelling. 

We, as humans, think visually, we create pictures in our heads to help us remember information we wouldn’t usually. So if those images get shown to us, along with the information? It just sticks that much quicker. Now we don’t have to spend the time visualizing the information we are reading, we automatically see it unfolding in front of us. 

According to recent research done by Bambu by Sprout Social,  67.2% of employees spend at least 15 minutes on social media while at work. Watching a one minute video is equivalent to 1.8 million words. So if you only have 15 minutes to try speak to your audience, video seems like the most obvious option. 

Now the key is telling a story that is worth watching in your marketing videos. 64% of people who view a video about a company’s offerings will end up making a purchasing decision, and even if they don’t, they will remember you, because they watched you, they weren’t forced to listen or to read, they chose to watch your branded content. 

Video appeals to the human mind, storytelling tugs at our emotions and music compels us to listen. With Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat making it easier and easier to share video content, you have a very powerful marketing strategy at your fingertips. 

Jason van Niekerk

RGB and Alpha, 48 Pine Road, Cape Town, WC, 7925