Why you need video in your marketing strategy

We all know how effective video has become in the world of marketing. Before now, television adverts ruled but today there has been a change in how we consume our content. With faster line speeds, easier access and mobility, there has been a rise in the need for online video. 

It is now considered a need to incorporate video into your online presence. Your consumers don’t want to read about you, or hear about you, they want to see you - and that means all of you. Welcome to the age of full disclosure and genuity, where your audience won’t settle for the nicely designed banner ad, or click on the deceiving ad placed slightly in the corner - they will wait those 5 seconds to skip your youtube ad. Because today we aren’t afforded the luxury of buying everything we see, today, we need to truly be sold. And that means we require the perception that we have made the decision to buy from your brand because we actually like you and not just what you are selling. 

The thing about the content we consume today is that it needs to be entertaining, yes, but it also needs to educate us on something or other. We want to feel like we are being proactive to an extent by watching your video. 

Take a look at Apple’s advert for the release of the iPhone 7. This was an online advert targeted purely at people who love their brand and care enough to hear about more than just what it looks like. This video was designed to educate their audience on what they missed out on during the release. The most appealing thing about video is that you can say a lot in a short period of time. 1 second of video is made up of an average of 25 frames per second, If a photo is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a hell of a lot more. 

Check out what Apple managed to say in exactly 1O7 seconds, generating 5,612,154 views, this is the power of video marketing. 

Shall i continue? Okay. Here’s 5 more reasons for the unconvinced.  

1. Video speaks directly to your audience

Regardless of what you’re marketing, video helps convey your message more clearly.

Studies show that people read only 18 percent of the articles they choose. Viewers today more ADHD than ever due to the influx of content right at their fingertips, so the key is to gain their attention quickly.

The best way you can capture the attention of your desired audience is to not only craft a video that is visually appealing, but also speaks directly to them. Address their problems and the reason why you/your product is capable of solving those problems - tug at their heart strings, resonate with them on a socially aware level, leave them feeling understood and more importantly, leave them feeling like your video was worth their time.  and the problems they’re trying to solve.

Video is a compelling medium that can easily help you overcome the barrier of short attention spans with the right focus on the message you are delivering

2. Video helps increase traffic to your website

Visitors will spend an average of 15 seconds on your website before clicking away if they don’t find it appealing enough or even easily explanatory. Once visitors are on your site, video increases the amount of time they will spend on it by 8O%. It’s as easy as that. There are many types of videos that work for different things and different brands but the best bet for generating the most obvious result is adding a Hub video [how-to/explainer] to your site. These video’s are a great way to attract your audience and explain your product/ service in the shortest amount of time. One out of three people make a purchasing decision after watching a video on the brands website. Sharing these types of video’s on social media are also a great way to boost your google ranking as well as lead people back to your site to be converted.

3. Video helps convert leads quicker

It’s extremely easy now to Include a CTA or contact form at the end of the video and has been proven a very effective method for capturing more quality leads.

With services like Wistia helping out in the world of video marketing, you can also add a CTA to the video after a specific amount of time, allowing your audience to be pulled in before asking for their information. 

4. Video on social media increases engagement

There are countless ways that you can engage with your consumer market on social media using video, let alone boost your presence entirely.

Platforms like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram now - all allow your audience to comment, like and share your video content. Engagement is how you can actually gain a good idea about how your audience is receiving your content. And now with the addition of Facebook live video, viewers are commenting 1Os more than they would on any other video. Live videos are a great way to broadcast webinars, workshops, behind the scenes, company culture, etc. Your options are endless. 

5. Video increases your SEO ranking

Websites with video’s living on their pages are 53 times more likely to rank on Googles first page than any other websites, making videos extremely powerful when it comes to boosting your website's SEO ranking. When video comes up in the search results people are more likely to click on it as the time that they have to read text is incredibly fleeting. 

Every video produced for your online marketing purposes is only a result of the strategy behind it. In order to fully achieve your goals and objectives your video has to have a purpose, whether that is to create awareness by telling your brand story, educating your audience on the release of your new product/ service with an animated explainer video, convince your audience to make a purchase by documenting a successful case study - it all relies on what you set out to achieve.

Have an idea on the business problem you would like to solve using video marketing? Fill in our brief and we will create the perfect video strategy that will guide your audience in the direction of achieving that goal.

Jason van Niekerk

RGB and Alpha, 48 Pine Road, Cape Town, WC, 7925