Generate Leads

Make your marketing funnel more human.

Improve your sales with a video marketing funnel. Build a stronger connection with customers through tailored designs for every touchpoint in their customer's journey.

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Awareness Stage

Grab attention!

Tell people about your brand through videos that appear in targeted search and social media ads.

Using short-form videos to capture someone’s attention across social media channels, in a unique and insightful way, that allows them to continue consuming information that they are aligned with.

Educational Stage

Hold attention.

Educate visitors with a video about your industry and the kinds of problems you solve. Quickly establish what your brand, service, or product can offer them.

With a longer formatted video, that is hosted on the landing page, you can keep prospects engaged and get them to know what you are all about, with clear and concise messaging, motivating them to sign up for more!

Nurturing Stage

Build retention.

Once visitors have signed up, you can nurture them with a series of personalised video episodes, through a series of emails. This adds value to users' lives and strengthens their connection with your brand.

Not only will this drive more business, but it will likely form a stronger relationship and influence the way your audience thinks, and talks, about your brand.

Video Sales Funnel
Change viewers into
loyal customers.

The Customer Journey
Strategically use video to entice new leads and nurture them down the sales funnel.

Business Benefits

Thoughtful ways to incorporate video at every touchpoint along a customer’s journey.

Develop and define clear goals.

Writing processes to develop the narrative.

Content tailored to specific goal.

Find the right messaging.

Capture video remotely or on site.

Capture leads, manage and engage directly from your CRM.

Prototype and test before executing.

Animated content that offers endless capabilities.

Increase sales.

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